A. To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today – guiding women like you as they overcome fear, free from self limiting beliefs and empower them with powerful spiritual tools to become a Conscious Creator that they already are!

I was born into a highly spiritual family in India and was given the name “Parimala”. 

I grew up believing we create our own respective realities. 

My father “Subhash Patri”.. founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India.. understood that his purpose in this lifetime was to teach meditation and build pyramids for meditation all over India and the rest of the world. He has been a great influence on my spiritual development. 

My mother, a great healer and psychic, has a very strong intuition. I have learnt a lot about healing, and about energy work from her. She taught me that “Happiness is something we should look within ourselves, not outside us”. My sister “Parinitha Patri” kept me grounded and always reminded to be playful and have fun in my life.

As a child, I learned and understood all the spiritual concepts such as law of karma, law of attraction, power of miraculous thinking, crystals, kundalini, past lives, pyramid energy, astral travelling, Ouija board and more.

I believed we are all here for a PURPOSE and we choose our own existence. I always followed my heart by consistently choosing happiness, so I spent time in nature, traveling, meeting wonderful people around the world and teaching meditation.

I was always curious about how other people lived, and what their spiritual experiences are. I could listen to people’s stories all day long, which gave me insights on how all individuals perceived life in their own different ways. For myself, I saw LIFE as a river flowing effortlessly and just projecting whatever may be underneath.

I read books by authors like Richard Bach, Osho, Paramahansa Yogananda, Paulo Coelho, Brian Weiss and Jane Roberts.. to name just a few. I felt fulfilled, like I was on the Path to pursuing my dreams.

Then, I came to the United States. At 22, I wanted to further my education, explore and mainly have fun. And while I did all of these things, eventually life took over. Slowly, I lost traction, let go of my power and believed I could only fit-in by pleasing others.

Well, you may think once you are spiritual you will always be spiritual but that was not the case with me. My EGO took charge and I began to question myself. In the process, I lost my authenticity. Nonetheless, I manifested a high paying corporate job and married a wonderful man I love — but I still felt a sense of lack.

I was living in self-doubt and struggling and I didn’t realize that my inner-most thirst was for more and more Pure Spirituality. Then physical health issues like migraines began to affect me. In the year 2014, I found out I couldn’t get pregnant the natural way — this was a wakeup call from the universe that transformed my entire life. When a fertility doctor recommended in-vitro fertilization, I knew I had to make it happen, so I returned to my spirituality. 

This brings me to my defining moment — the moment I decided to reclaim my strength. I immersed myself in everything that would manifest my true idea about success, and brought in my bag of spiritual tools along side the medical treatments. By the way, now, I have two beautiful, healthy kids.

The birth of my second child.. “Zeeva”.. in 2017.. was my ultimate awakening to become “Cosmic Moon”.

I knew then that I was meant to TEACH others and to share all my spiritual experiences. I changed my environment, surrounded myself with high-vibrational tools/people and got into crystal healing, sacred geometry and energy work. Now I live a life.. fulfilling my SOUL purpose, with my family by my side.

This is where my expertise in coaching comes in. I have decided to dedicate the rest of my professional career to helping successful (but stuck) women who would like to align with their Higher Purpose and absorb the power of manifestation. 

As a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, I will give you the tools to overcome fear, elevate your consciousness and share your unique Light with the world.

I manifested a reality aligned with my passion, purpose and happiness — and so can you. Together, we will discuss the strategies and practices you need to be present in your life, connect with the earth and detach from outcomes. I hope MY STORY reveals that you can transform your mindset, live in the moment and enjoy the process.